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  • The fees on this page are for applicants with no previous refusals. Please contact us for service fees if you have a previous Canadian visa refusal.

  • Professional fees are solely for the services performed by the RCIC and do not include government processing fees or any other fees such as translations. Click here to see the applicable IRCC fees for your application.

  • Note that the fees listed below will increase depending on the complexity of the case (e.g. complex financial status, applications involving a common-law partner, the primary applicant being self-employed, etc.)


  • If you have a letter of acceptance from a DLI in Canada and considering working with us, please contact us and tell us about yourself, your study plans, and available funds for your education and living expenses in Canada.

  • If you do not have a letter of acceptance and need admission support, you can reach out to our solution partner, Edupathways Canada. Once you have a letter of acceptance, you can contact us for your Study Permit application.

  • If your Study Permit application was refused, you can contact us for guidance regarding the following steps.

  • If you have questions regarding the eligibility criteria of Study Permit applications or the application process, you can book a 30-minute consultation with us.

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