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Northern Pathways & English Exam Prep Partnership

What is my current level?


Often people can converse in English, but they do not know how this translates into their performance on the IELTS exam. English Exam Prep has a free exam simulation to help you see which level you are currently at for listening and reading. There is also a speaking and writing simulation which will help you get an idea of what the real exam is like for those two areas.

If you take the simulation and need to move up 0.5 to 1 Band to get the score you need, sign up for the English Exam Prep course! If you take the simulation and need to move up more than 1 Band, it is a good idea to work on your English foundation by taking general English classes. Then, once you have a solid foundation of English, take English Exam Prep IELTS course!


How can I prepare for the IELTS exam?


This is where English Exam Prep comes in to help! You probably already work in an English-speaking environment or studied in English, which is great for building your English-language foundation. What they do is help you to demonstrate your English foundation in an exam-setting by helping you to understand how the exam is formatted, what the examiners are looking for, and most importantly, how to strategize to make sure you obtain the highest score possible.


English Exam Prep is based in Montreal, but they offer their classes live online or by video that you can access any time. 


Here is an outline of the lessons you will work through if you choose to join English Exam Prep.


Here is a FREE SAMPLE LESSON to see if you like their teaching style and here is a FREE EXAM SIMULATION to get an idea about what the exam is like.


What if I am a beginner in English?


English Exam Prep lessons are only for intermediate and advanced English-users, so if you still need to build an English foundation, you will need to continue your foundation English studies. We would be happy to recommend general English classes you can take. 

I want to get a special price for the English Exam Prep course Regular price: $500 CAD 

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